Internet Explorer

Internet Explorer 8 crashes when opening a new tab

I had this error on my PC for ages, but never wanted to investigate as I use Chrome at work. However, a user phoned in saying that her’s is doing the exact same thing. I tried re-installing Internet Explorer 8, but this made no difference. Example: “When I open a new tab, it crashes.” Resolution: While there may […]

Get Internet Explorer to prompt you to save passwords

This guide will show you how to make Internet Explorer prompt you for a password whenever you enter login details for the first time. Example: “This website wont remember my password.” Resolution: It’s quite simple really, though I had to Google it myself. Go to Tools > Internet Options > Content and under the AutoComplete heading, click […]

“Operation Aborted” in Internet Explorer

I came across this error today. I found a pretty good workaround for the fix, though you should upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 to fix the issue if possible. Example: “I’m trying to go to a website but it says “operation aborted.”” Resolution: This occurs because Internet Explorer 7 cannot handle one of the scripts […]

Internet Explorer crashes when typing into Google

This one baffled me at first, though I quickly discovered that it’s because Internet Explorer 7 is just no good. Opinions aside, this one was fairly simple to resolve. Example: “I went on to Google but it gives me an error message as soon as I start typing.” Resolution: I had to do a little research for this […]