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Use BitLocker on a drive without TPM

This guide will help you turn on BitLocker for a drive without a Trusted Platform Module (TPM). Example: Sometimes when trying to turn on BitLocker for the C: drive, you’ll get an error saying: “A compatible Trusted Platform Module(TPM) Security Device must be present on this computer, but a TPM was not found. Please contact your […]

Show/hide hidden files in Mac OS X

This guide shows you how to show/hide hidden files (and folders) in any version of Mac OS X. Example: You’re looking for a file in Finder, but can’t find it. It’s most likely hidden. Resolution: Go to Finder > Applications and start Terminal. To show/hide these files, use the following commands: To Show: defaults write AppleShowAllFiles […]

Remove network printers with regedit

At some point, you’re bound to come across a network printer (or two) that doesn’t seem to want to delete. Example: “I’m trying to delete a printer but it’s coming up with an error.” Resolution: Open Regedit by clicking Start > Run or by holding Win Key + R and type “regedit”. Once it has opened, navigate down […]

“The command is not available. See the program documentation about how to use this extension.”

A user may get this error if he/she tries to edit their Out of Office status. For example, a user I dealt with got this error when trying to turn her Out of Office off. Example: “I’m trying to turn my Out of Office off but it’s coming up with an error.” Resolution: To fix […]