Run msconfig as an administrator when logged in as a standard user

I came across this one a while back, and I had it again today. For those of you whom need to know how to run msconfig as an administrator when logged in as a standard user, this guide will help you. I’m pretty sure Windows Vista and higher can get around this with the UAC, as it will prompt the user for elevated¬†privileges.

Example: “Hmm…how do I run msconfig as an administrator?”

Resolution: Press¬†Start > Run and type in “CMD”. Hit enter and, once a Command Prompt window has opened, type the following:

runas /user:Administrator C:\WINDOWS\pchealth\helpctr\binaries\msconfig.exe

It will then prompt you for a password; don’t worry, no one can see this as nothing will show in the window while typing. It will now run msconfig as an administrator for you.


As pointed out in the comments section, some people seem to be having a little trouble getting this to work. If the above command does not work for you, try replacing “Administrator” with the username of your administrator account (your administrator account may not be called “Administrator”).

  • Jono

    This isnt working. When I type the password password it says “unknown user name or bad password”
    Im have the only admin account on this pc, and im not typing it wrong

    • Callum Giles

      This usually means the administrator account for your PC isn’t called “Administrator” – it’s called something else. You mentioned you’re the only administrator on your PC, so replace “Administrator” with the name of your administrator account.

      • ufo

        callum giles you wrong msconfig issue

        • Callum Giles

          Did this not work for you?

  • Jyotirmaya Ranbirsingh

    Not working as msconfig.exe path is wrong

    • Callum Giles

      Did you copy and paste the link from above? Did you leave any spaces in the path, or accidentally make a typo? As far as I know, all XP systems have the msconfig.exe file in this location.